Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Want a spouse? Read this book!"

Inside of this little gem of a book, is a simple 15-step action program. Well...it says it's simple but it's more than 300 pages, so let's hope it's kinda simple. In the back of the book the author asks that you send her the information about your wedding to her website, I went to her website and looked but couldn't find this section. I am a little older than what she recommends, but I'm going to read this book cover to cover and update you all when I find a wife after 35! For starters I'm going to take her advice on props, and wear a "conversation starter." Maybe I'll just carry an interesting book, there are plenty to be found at the Barrett Memorial Library.
If interested in online dating, the book also has a large collection of online dating sites here are some interesting ones.
nerve.com (for 'urban hipsters')
SaltandPepperSingles.com (for singles looking to date outside their race)
Tallpersonals.com (for tall singles)
JDate.com (for Jewish singles)
GreatboyFriends.com (where women make referrals for single men)
Animalpeople.com (for singles who are animal lovers)

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