Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Children Make Terrible Pets

This is one cute story. I prefer children's book's that have a moral lesson of some sort. I think the world is too full of garbage to not sneak in the lessons, when we can. In this story the boy wonders into the woods and is taken in by a bear. He plays, and eats, and even naps with the bear. Until..."it wasn't all fun and games. He was impossible to potty train. He ruined the furniture...and just when Lucy thought things couldn't get any worse...Squeaker dissappeared."

This valuable lesson of not abducting children, or taking stray animals as hostages is really an important lesson. It is vital for the creatures of our world to not be held against their will. In fact, I'm going to go let my fireflies fly free.

Learn more about what makes bad pets, and if there is such a thing as a good pet, today at the Barrett Memorial Library.

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