Thursday, June 4, 2009

Furry Fanstastic

Today's Random Item of the Day: Furry Fantastic edited by Jean Rabe & Brian M. Thomsen

A few highlights:

"There has always been something magical about our furry friends...cats and dogs are not our only furry friends, not by a long shot.
Some people like mice.
Some like larger rodents, or perphaps wilder canines, or even those big and burly folks who do their stuff in the woods.
The furry botherhood is a big tent party.
The stories featured here represent that big tent in voice, ethnicity, sensibility, and sensuality.
Some are darker, some are lighter...and some are plainly just personality driven.
...and all are decidedly denizens of the fantastic.
(...and for all of you bird/fish/retile pet fans, sorry fur is fur and that doens't include scales or feathers-at least at the present time.)

This is such an interesting book, I was reading it to my cat last night, and it was only then that I noticed the eyes of the cat on the cover. If you look closely there is a magician in each eye. Truly an amazing book.

Another fantastic item available at the Barrett Memorial Library.

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