Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The back of this book says it best.

I am a teacher...
I take slivers out of fingers and bad sports out of steal the bacon.
I know when a child has gum in his mouth even when he is not chewing.
I know the magic word.
I plan lessons while shaving, showering, driving, eating, and sleeping.
I wear four-leaf clovers and dandelions in my shirt pocket that have just been picked with love at recess.
I correct pencil grips and spelling mistakes and bad manners.
I pray for snow days.
Ihope April Fool's Day is on a Saturday.
I answer to both "Mom" and "Dad".
I hate glitter.
I leave "Shuger" and "vilets" misspelled on valentines.
I call on children whose hands are not raised.
I know that "colonel" is a really hard word to read, and so is "doubt"
I know when a child does not understand.
I know when a child needs help finding a friend.
I am a teacher.

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