Monday, August 3, 2009

Wrestle Mania

In 1984, a new wrestling league was created on a cable television channel in Minnesota. "The Kids Pro Wrestling Show" started out as fun and games, but was soon seen in the living rooms of thousands across the country via cable television, and the National Wrestling Federation (NWF) was born.
For five years, the NWF was managed and promoted by a young and talanted kid named Shawn Crossen, otherwise known as "Crusher Crossen" in the ring. By 1986, at 16 years old he was promoting wrestling venues at local armory halls in front of hundreds of paid spectators and nationwide cable audiences.
This book tells the incredible journey, that the young Shawn Crossen has traveled. 20 years later, Crossen comes forth with this remarkable story that tells the entire sequence of events. From the birth of it's creation, to the final bell, you will be spellbound.

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