Monday, October 11, 2010

1958 Parenting Advice

A book came into the library today that made me feel a bit nostalgic. Since I'm an old man who has lived through many a generations, I can look back at the 1950's as a memorable time. This little nugget brought me back to my fourth marriage, to Linda Sue in 1955. We got married and soon after had a baby, so think book brought me back. Here are a few parts that stood out to me as I reread the book.

"This existence [pre-baby], which in retrospect always seems idyllic, cannot continue forever. As it must to almost all men, birth comes to cut short the idyl."

"New babies bear little resemblance whatsoever to anything living, and to not very many things that are dead. What they really look like is the drawings in the maternity books of horrid little tadpoles, bent over into circles inside their mothers...His inital thought is that the squalling, naked little creature is emabrrassingly premature-not read yet, by a long shot, to be exposed to the human eye."

Get ready for parenthood the 1950's way. Check it out today at the Barrett Memorial Library, "that is if you can get away form your wife long enough."

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