Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Jewish American Princess Handbook

If this picture was bigger you would see all of these things on the cover.

"Oy Vey, Now it's our turn"

The first complete guide to this Meonite mystique. The Clothes, the Sotres and the Social Life.

"We're Not Spoiled, Just Selective."

This title includes essays on"

Cultivating Carats

Plastic Surgery Do's and Don'ts

The Care and Feeding of Fur

The Forbidden Fruits: Interfaith Dating

Jewish Mothers: How Much Guilt is Really Enough?

From Hair to Eternity, the Humidity Factor.

The Legacy of Spending Money. The Allowance:Gelt without Guilt. Proper Breeding. Six-Figure Dating. Shopping: Wholesale vs Retail. Collecting and Displaying Charge Cards. Scouting for schools (His not Yours). Majors for Husband Hunters. Theme Parties: bat Mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen, Pledge Dances, sammies Shipwreck. TAB the All Occasion Beverage.

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