Tuesday, July 14, 2009

True Mystery

I have always been fascinated with crop circles, everything about them really, who made them, why they are there, how are they so perfectly round. Lucky for me, I found this incredible book.
Now I was a fan of these crop circles, but I have never seen a crop snowflake. Have you ever seen a crop snake, or a crop triangle. Who would have thought that Aliens were such creative creatures. This is a book everyone should page through, absolutly stunning.
It is known that some fields have new crop art year after year. Polly Carson who has been accused of hiring 'forgers' to make designs in her crops year after year explains "We'd never be able to create anyting so perfectly beautiful!...There have been 'fakes' in their fields, Carson says, but 'They were very easy to tell from the other figures because of their shabby constuction."

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